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Know yourself, communicate better and manage stress with the Process Communication Model (PCM) 

Why Process Communication Model®?

PCM is a model of personality and communication based on the observation of behaviors which allows to:

Knowing your PCM profile is useful as soon as you need to communicate, in a professional or private context.

What is Process Communication Model®?

§ Developed in the 1970’s by the American Psychologist Taibi Kahler, Ph. D.
§ His work on the Miniscript was rewarded by the Eric Berne Memorial Scientific Award in 1977.
§ His research received a financial grant at NASA for the recruiting of astronaut crews.
§ Over 1.4 million people worldwide have taken their PCM® Personality Inventory.

PCM is the result of research conducted by the American Psychologist Taibi Kahler, Ph. D. in the 1970s and 1980s. It was in partnership with NASA, which wanted to prepare astronaut crews to work better together, that the model initially developed.

Today, PCM is used around the world, in business, in education, and in medical relationship. In short, in all places where there is communication!

How does it work ?

Your personal profile is a unique mix of 6 personality types. Discovering your personality profile is a rich and revealing moment. It puts words and illuminating structure on things that you have sometimes felt for a long time.

To establish it, you receive a link to a questionnaire. During coaching, the model and your profile are explained to you. You leave with a report that you can (re)read and continue to make your own afterwards.