Know yourself, communicate better and manage stress with the Process Communication Model (PCM) 

Why Process Communication Model®?

PCM changes the way people communicate and behave with each other.
Knowing PCM and your profile gives you the keys to :

So knowing your own PCM profile is therefore useful whenever you need to enter into communication, whether in a professional or private context.

What is Process Communication Model®?

PCM is a scientific model that optimises interpersonal communication while providing ways to motivate, manage stressful situations, and resolve conflict.
PCM is the result of research conducted by clinical psychologist Taibi Kahler in the 1970s and 1980s. Working with NASA, who wanted to prepare astronaut crews to work better together, the model was originally developed.
PCM is a reliable and scientific communication tool to make a difference. Each statement is rooted in research or experience. PCM is based on 1.3 million profiles and 40 years of research.
PCM makes it possible to predict behaviour with incredible accuracy. It is a window into a person's past, present and future, revealing unconscious patterns of success and failure.
Today, PCM is used all over the world, in business, in education, or in the care-giving relationship. In short, anywhere there is communication!

How does it work?

Your personal profile is a unique blend of 6 personality types. Discovering your personality profile is a rich and revealing moment. It gives words and an illuminating structure to things you have sometimes felt for a long time.

To create it, you will be given a link to a questionnaire. During the coaching session, the model and your profile are explained to you. You go home with a report that you can read (again) and then continue to work on yourself.