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Stop thinking with your head and think with your hands thanks to LEGO® Serious Play (LSP) 

Why LEGO® Serious Play?

Working with legos is useful for answering any question you have and for which you cannot find an answer in more traditional ways.

For example, defining your professional project, redefining your role, thinking about your personal project or your life mission.

What is the LEGO® Serious Play Method?

LEGO Serious Play (LSP) is a thinking, communicating and problem-solving technique based on the principle of "thinking with your hands".

The basic principle is that if someone asks a question and you answer verbally, you activate 13% of your brain. If you build with your hands, then you activate 80% of your brain!

How does it work ?

I put at your disposal all the necessary legos.

After a phase of discovering the material and the method, I will guide you through a structured questioning process during a 2-hour session.

You leave with a commented video of the model you have built so that you can remember the elements that emerged during the session.