Individual report of sources of motivation IDI – Individual Directions Inventory - from Management Research Group (MRG)

Why the Individual Directions Inventory ?

Sometimes it is useful to take the time to reconnect with what really drives us, with who we are without the influence of our education or the messages conveyed by others that we have unconsciously appropriated.The IDI report helps us to know ourselves better and to understand our sources of motivation, whether professional or personal, in order to make decisions and align our behaviour and activities with our own sources of energy. It reveals new opportunities to grow by building on your individuality and personal strengths.This report is not a measure of performance in the activities performed. It is a factual measure of the degree of emotional satisfaction in performing certain activities or roles in one's professional or personal life.Indeed, when motivation and energy do not match the activities, even highly committed people can feel frustrated and unable to make progress.

Why the Management Research Group ?

The IDI tool was developed by the Management Research Group, the international specialist in leadership, assessment and development.MRG develops unique and robust tools based on scientific research and numerous international benchmarks, and distributes them through its network of certified practitioners, of which I am one.

How does it work ?

To create your report, you receive a link to a questionnaire. During the coaching session, the model and its dimensions, as well as your profile, are explained to you. You leave with a report to read (again) and additional development ideas.