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Individual report of sources of motivationIDI – Individual Directions Inventory du Management Research Group (MRG)

Why the Individual Directions Inventory ?

This report helps you get to know yourself better and understand your sources of professional or private motivation to help make choices and align your behaviors and activities with your own sources of energy. It highlights new opportunities to grow based on your individuality and personal strengths.

This report is not a measure of performance in your current activities. It is an evidence-based measure of the degree of emotional satisfaction with performing certain activities or roles in professional or private life.

This is because when motivation and energy are not aligned with activities, even highly engaged people can feel frustrated and unable to progress.

Why the Management Research Group ?

The IDI tool has been developed by the Management Research Group which is an international specialist in leadership assessment and development.

MRG develops unique and solid tools based on scientific research and numerous international benchmarks.

How does it work ?

Pour l’établir votre rapport, vous recevez un lien vers un questionnaire. Lors d’un coaching, le modèle et ses dimensions, ainsi que votre profil vous sont expliqués. Vous repartez avec un rapport que vous pourrez (re)lire et avec des pistes de réflexion additionnelles.

To create your report, you receive a link to a questionnaire. During coaching, the model and its dimensions, as well as your profile are explained to you. You leave with a report that you can (re) read and with additional development ideas.